Save your life in IT territory

All started by the onions show, a guy who was con by the sales guy and bought the BATES 4000, a PC that means future and nothing better, then found out this fancy 4000 becomes a rubbish when he just try to hook it up. Fortunately he able to kill the bates guy in the show.

This is a comedy show of coz. In IT world, this is really what I experience. Being an IT engineer for 10 years, I have met many customers and do many projects. All about these is just to cover their own ass. Sales over commit, consultant given the wrong design, project manager just care about his timeline, even customer don't know what they want. End up engineer had to work day & night to get the things work, is just like playing the puzzle. However, engineer is the one who getting the less paid among all.

I still believe this world has good guy, maybe somewhere so i haven't met them.
I know technical guy will sometimes being push to corner & everyone just simply put all the hopes on him and pray that he can make the miracle to solve all the technical problem. This is the purpose I open this blog and try to help them. At least bring some joy to this world.

I am specialized in systems infrastructure. If you have any problem about backup & archive, cluster, storage, SAN, server, UNIX... please share your burden with me (or maybe someone who see this blog). I will do the best to guide you out from the dark tunnel.

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