How to calculate the USPVM IP addresses from the Serial number

I didn't blog technical for such a long time and I hope this won't bore (I mean non-nerds) you.
Therefore I will keep it short and straight.

HOW? From serial number to obtain the IP addresses (USPVM,Sun 9985V and other equipvalent OEM)

This is what google can't even tell you how (maybe in future google can after stealing my page lol)



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心情隨蟬 越唱越瘋
干吧! 我們不醉不分
自己的舞台 自己登

刀影隨血 越砍越顛
來吧! 我們不死不息
自己的歷史 自己寫

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Zen Zi (Confucius student) said, "Everyday I search my heart many times - Am I doing my best (Zhong) when working for others? Am I honest (Xin) to my friends? Do I always review whatever learnt from teacher?"





Jeff said.
Zhong means do you really put the things in you heart? And do the best. However, try your best to do bad and unreasonable things is not Zhong. Modern working environment is pretty complicated. My thought is if the job assigned by superior is reasonable and moral then you should do the best. Otherwise, you should reject it.

Friends, what type of people is your friends? In the era of Confucius, a true friends is those very close to you and virtuous, bad friends doesn't count. Therefore, honest and trust deserve for friends in this manner. In the past, I suffered for betraying and dishonest among friends because I don't know what the true meaning of friends. Today I won't confuse as I know what good friends deserve and what bad friends not.

Learning is also important. It never takes you one time to learn anything. It needs time to repeat, review, revise before you truly understand and embedded in your heart. Although it is slow process, you will be the most shining person in the end.

Lastly, you search your soul today? You wasted a day? Or your day is meaningful?

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Confucius said,"Person who has lot of sweet and boost talking, pretend to have virtues belief to please people , he won't have much Ren too."


Jeff said.
Confucius said Ren, what actually the meaning? Ren will never be thought when you are alone, it will only come when more than 2 persons existed. Ren is similar to love, also means kindness, it is a concept of how to handle the relationship among people. A smart guy doesn't mean he know how to love, a person who know how to love not necessary be smart. But why a hypocrite won't have much Ren with him? There are too many hypocrite in this world, sometimes we also pretend to be nice and talking sweet, but we still know how to love! What the reason behind?
When you really know the true way of loving, you will treat them sincerely and showing your true face. If you still want to pretend, it shows that you have other objectives or hide your bad things, therefore Ren is gone away.
Next time when you enjoying the sweet talk and pleasing, please be caution. He will kick you down when you having trouble!
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The student You Zi said, "A person who is filial to parent and respect brother, but like to offend elders, this is rarely heard; Dislike to offend elders but like to rebel, never have this kind of people. Jun Zi (virtuous man) focus on building the foundation, once the base is built, Tao will come naturally. Filial is the foundation of Ren (humaneness and kindness).


Too many people like to offend elders now. Filial and respect to own parent and brothers, but offend elders, also countless. Some people don't know how to converge, think their reason is unbeatable, they never know that a truth of life without the test of time never goes along life. Put down your ego, be more sense and kindness, love and respect surround, this is Ren.

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New View for the blogspot.

Are you already boring of the layout of your blog? or even same old fashion design layout of your friend blogspot blog?
I am quite surprise and appreciate that blogger ( provided a new View Mode for all the bloggers. =D
it just as simple as doesn't even need to enable or configure it (provided you already have the feeds turned on). It just fly down from the sky to your hand... *wink* 

Take a look a new View and click the caption under each picture to feel it.






How I do it?
Flipcard :
Mosaic :
Sidebar :
Snapshot :
Timeslide :

What?! you still cannot? Erm.. could you please use MODERN browser, dude?
more details :

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