How to calculate the USPVM IP addresses from the Serial number

I didn't blog technical for such a long time and I hope this won't bore (I mean non-nerds) you.
Therefore I will keep it short and straight.

HOW? From serial number to obtain the IP addresses (USPVM,Sun 9985V and other equipvalent OEM)

This is what google can't even tell you how (maybe in future google can after stealing my page lol)

1) Serial Number 36815
- 36815 + magic number 20000 = 56815
- 56815 (Decimal) convert DDEF (Hex)
- Split DDEF into half i.e. DD & EF
- DD (Hex) convert 221 (Dec)
- EF (Hex) convert 239 (Dec)
Therefore, IP is

Easy? The IP format fixed at 126.x.y.15. We just need to calculate the value x & y.

However, the magic number will be vary (don't ask me why, I just get it based on my experience in customer place).

2) Serial Number 25358
- 25358 + magic number 25000 = 50358
- 50358 (Dec) convert C4B6 (Hex)
- C4 & B6
- x = C4 (Hex) convert 196 (Dec)
- y = B6 (Hex) convert 182 (Dec)
- IP is

What I noticed,
If serial number start with 8, the magic number is (-40000)
If serial number start with 2, the magic number is (+25000)
If serial number start with 3, the magic number is (+20000)

I will be very much appreciate if you tell my formula is wrong, and show me your IP and serial number!!

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Jeff Tan said...

For VSP, if serial number is 5, then magic number is (-25000)

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