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Also subtrack to twitter to facebook to MSN

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Confucius said,"three kinds of good friends and three kinds of bad friends. Make friend with the person who is upright, faithfulness, and full of knowledge then gain benefit. Make friend with the person who is flattery, respect in front but slander at back, boastful then is harmful."


I rarely hear people saying to differentiate a good friend or bad friend. As long as we met before then we are friend. Lots of people like to hear "sweet and nice word", believe the con-man lying and boasting. This is stupid if you cannot differentiate them, this is dangerous if you treat them as best friend.
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How to blog using BB

Dear LG,
If you see carefully on the picture in my previous post. Then you know I am actually using email to blog. You just need to login to your blogger and go to "settings". Under settings, you will find "email & mobile". You just need to key in the secret word and note down the email address.
Whatever email you send to this secret email address will be automatically post to your blog. So don't let ppl know your email wo then it becomes disaster for you. Haha.
I believe any phone can blog this way as long as you have email capability.
Are you using digi or celcom? If you use celcom then you try to use mobile blogger. Let me know whether ok or not.
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無关风月 我题序等你回
手书無愧 無懼人間是非
雨打蕉叶 又潇萧了幾夜 
我等春雷 來提醒你爱谁

无关情爱 我无文采会你
孤独无悔 但求耳根清静
风吹椰影 又蹉跎了几年
我等夏雨 来催促你回家

兰亭临序 行书如行云如水
月下门推 心细如你脚步碎
千年碑易拓 却难拓你的美
真迹绝 真心能给谁

祭侄悲稿 行书如沧田朴拙
岗下寻骸 悲愤如江河浪涛
千年骨易化 却难化心头恨
巢傾卵覆 真心托付谁


Test blog from my blackberry

I have not successfully to use mobile blogger to post on my blogspot. Thanks to digi yellow man does not make friend with blogger.

Tata.. Using mail2blogger will still work.

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子绝四 -- 毋意,毋必,毋固,毋我。

孔子没有四种毛病 -- 不悬空揣测,不绝对肯定,不拘泥固执,不唯我独是。

Confucius never has this four shortcoming -- never guess without reason, never confirms absolutely, never stubborn, never ego and selfish. 



I never thought that my shallow explanation of one sentence from Confucius,  my friends are discussing happily in the facebook, i think this is good phenomenon. (Somemore that sentence I also learnt from class, haha)
However, I am really amazing that the dialog said in 2500 years ago, can still apply in today world.



Confucius student Zhi You ask filial. Confucius said, "Today people think that filial is just to feed our parent, dog and horse also can be fed to survive. If we don't respect our parent with true heart, What is the differences of feeding animals and our parents?"



I am register to learn the "lun yu" (google translate - the analects of confucius) and found that it is benefit a lot to me. Especially on improving morality. This is the book who record down what Confucius said in thousands year ago. I not quite sure local people who study in english or malay school whether know it or not.
But there are lots of researchers in overseas doing study of this.



Confucius told, "Learn, and always find suitable time to review and practice, doesn't it happy? Friends, who have same ambitious and mind,  come from far to visit you, doesn't it happy? People doesn't understand me but I do not hate them, ain't I a Gentleman?"
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