How to blog using BB

Dear LG,
If you see carefully on the picture in my previous post. Then you know I am actually using email to blog. You just need to login to your blogger and go to "settings". Under settings, you will find "email & mobile". You just need to key in the secret word and note down the email address.
Whatever email you send to this secret email address will be automatically post to your blog. So don't let ppl know your email wo then it becomes disaster for you. Haha.
I believe any phone can blog this way as long as you have email capability.
Are you using digi or celcom? If you use celcom then you try to use mobile blogger. Let me know whether ok or not.
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LION GIRL said...

Dear Jeff,
Thanks for this post. I could not see the picture you claimed that you have in the previous post.

I went into setting like you advised and saw all that you said are there. It is better to save as draft 1st, right?

Do I need to do anything in my BB handphone (Digi) after setting @ blogspot?

Thanks for your patience in guiding me.


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