SKYTREX Jan 2011

Last Saturday activity. YR is so happy and surprisingly she plays well.

Listen the instruction. 

Happy la, can climb.


abang tolong kau... (not enough tall)

Flying fox and she smiles.


I won't fall de.
Play for 2 hours only feel tired... but how come she write a bit homework then the hands are already tired?
Pity MZ coz she didn't play... mostly spend her time to cry.

Quick fact:
location - Taman Pertanian Malaysia in Shah Alam
booking - www.skytrex-
Rates - Little adventure - RM35
            Big Thrill Challenge - RM45
            Extreme Challenge - RM50
Enquiry : Tel: 013-2769841

上瘾 Addicted

我之前写blog的瘾,好像一下子不见了。被什么掏空了?与其去逼自己写好像无法完成的草稿,不如索性写过一个新的Post。 很多事情可能只是时机未到,不用急于一时。
It seems like I lost my addiction to blogger for a while. What makes it? Instead of pushing myself to complete the endless draft, I rather write a new post. Many things don't happen could be just the timing not right.

Have you addicted?

What is addiction? like a habit seems could never stop to do. 2011, Lot of people have new wishes for their life, want to quit from bad habit. I don't know why this year have so many people want to quit from something.

When human are in addiction, he won't feel he addicted; When his mind change, then he start to feel that he really addicted to something last time. Quit, born from the mind change. If mind never changed, then Quit will never exist.

Some one always do the same thing, means his mind is never changed. No addiction, No quit. If you can never look into your own self, even people told you, is waste of time.

human, will back to the deep in heart lastly. Take a thorough look into yourself, think about it. Then you have already done a good thing for this world.
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