SKYTREX Jan 2011

Last Saturday activity. YR is so happy and surprisingly she plays well.

Listen the instruction. 

Happy la, can climb.


abang tolong kau... (not enough tall)

Flying fox and she smiles.


I won't fall de.
Play for 2 hours only feel tired... but how come she write a bit homework then the hands are already tired?
Pity MZ coz she didn't play... mostly spend her time to cry.

Quick fact:
location - Taman Pertanian Malaysia in Shah Alam
booking - www.skytrex-
Rates - Little adventure - RM35
            Big Thrill Challenge - RM45
            Extreme Challenge - RM50
Enquiry : Tel: 013-2769841


LION GIRL said...

To pay RM35 to see that smile on her face was worth it, right??? Or was it RM70 for 2 hours??

FaiTh said...

wah... your daughter damn daring... when i play tat time i so scare!!! hahhahaa. Almost got heart attack!!!

Jeff Tan said...

LG, is RM35 for up to 2 hours. The lucky thing is she is the only one to play that day and all the coaches can manja her.If busy day, children got to on their own.
Faith, haha... this is for kids, very low only.

阿葉 said...


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