Email archiving - how to deploy Symantec Enterprise Vault? Part 3

Once all the pre-requisite is met then please get your license key and the location for vault store ready. During the EV installation, you will be asked for license key, fix registry key, provide index location, provide shopping location, provide EV cache location, and furthermore the location for your vault store.

Many peolple confused that where the EV data stored, they might think that all datas are stored in the SQL Database. In fact, only EV software configuration, deduplication fingerprint, metadata of archived items, audit & monitoring trail are stored in the SQL databases. The index, and actual archived items are stored in the EV server itself (most commonly NTFS SAN disks). Symantec adopt alta-vista technology to provide fast and efficient index searching and it supports deduplication since EV version 8. De-duplication is become a MUST for symantec product for their word "dedupe everywhere" and Netbackup 7 also support client source dedupe.

OK. Installation for EV is pretty simple by just launch the setup.exe from the DVD and follow by "Getting Start Wizard" after the installation. I will talk more about here for MSCS cluster setup for EV.

Prior to install the EV software, the cluster group must be created in MSCS and included the following resource: physical disk (this will store your index, cache, shopping, vaultstore), IP address (EV must be configured using virtual IP), Network Name (EV must be configured using Virtual name), Message Queuing (MSCS will automatically put it into shared disk). Good to go!! just launch the setup.exe on the primary node but without launch any wizard after installation finish.

Launch the Enterprise Vault configuration wizard through Start button.

Select the Cluster group will be added for EV services.

Create new EV directory database i.e. new EV environment

At this point of time, The EV configuration consider almost done. You may just follow normal way to configure the EV Vault Store, etc.
Just put a screenshot for MSCS.

OK. EV is ready for you.... cheers!


Email archiving appliance said...

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Anonymous said...

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