男汗蒸幕之谜 The myth of men's sauna (5/11)

After we survive from the lost in Itaewon, Finally we can taste the legend of korea sauna. The so called korea sauna, have many special function sauna room inside e.g. pine wood, salt, charcoal, ice, etc. I can never seen all these here.

这间黎泰院Land是在阶梯上面的(如何到达参考前篇),都已经来回走到脚断了,还要爬这个几十级的阶梯,真是好样#$#@$#!! (后来我才知道韩国就是阶梯多)。
This Itaewon Land SPA is just on top of the stairs (Refer previous post for how to get here), our legs are already broken and still need to climb like batu cave, this is really "superb". (Later we found out korean really like to walk)

Please aware that the size of locker can only contains 1 large 50litre backpack and your jacket. If you are using those big hardcover luggage case, please put it to other places e.g. your hotel or locker in metro train station.

The English of uncle in reception still ok but the young guy in cafeteria don't even understand "egg", my goodness!
If you enter between 6pm to 6am, the fee is 8000won/pax. If you enter between 6am to 6pm then the charge is 6000won/pax. You can then use it for 24 hours, Extra charge only incur after 24 hours. After you paid the entry fee, the uncle will give you a number to keep your shoes and take the digital key. This key you should take together with you because this is to record your spent inside (no cash transaction), you need to pay again when come out.

this is the place to keep your shoes and collect your key.

This is man's entrance, on your right. woman is on the left.
1. 女生有阿朱妈做搓澡,男生是不是大叔做搓澡?(我的天,大叔?!)
2. 需要穿底裤吗?女生就会问需要穿内衣吗?

There are many girls share the experience of using sauna, but just cannot find guys. And many weird question appear in the forum.
1. Girl has the Auntie to do full body massage (naked), then means guy massage by uncle? (OMG, uncle??!)
2. need to wear underwear? girl may ask need to wear bra?

I will explain more later.

3楼 - 食堂、漫画、孩童游戏室、烤房、大厅、小食摊、按摩房。
4楼 - 健身房、按摩椅、烤房、大厅。
5楼 - 电脑、大房间、男女分隔的格子房。
After we pass the mystery room at 2nd floor, 3rd to 5th floor are public area.
3rd floor - cafeteria, comic, kids play room, sauna room, main hall, food stall, massage room.
4th floor - gym room, massage chair, sauna room, main hall.
5th floor - computer room, big sleeping room, small individual cubicle for men/women only.

Must eat egg? 2 for1000won. I think our tea leave egg taste better.

cafeteria. a big LCD TV showing the korea comedy.

Simply make order, super spicy! Our curry here cannot beat this.

Man forbidden... full of imagination.

This is not the staircase to 2nd floor la, is going to 4th floor.

gym room

Sauna room. Temperature shown on top of the door. The hottest is 100 celsius degree, crazy. The coolest is 12 degree, like a fridge.

Charcoal sauna room

We didn't sleep in these cubicle room, quite hot. Once I step in I even see one guy open his leg widely.... speechless. Finally we sleep in the big room at 5th floor, just on top of thin layer of mattress. I heard all of them snoozing loudly, of course I join them la.. haha!!
The main entrance

lot of hearts on the staircase.

Look clearly.

Talking about when I enter 2nd floor, I already see lot of shadow of birds hanging, scare me to put my luggage in my locker quickly and change the clothes given by the uncle. I think of going in just like this but notice no place to hang my clothes. No choice, end up I also put the clothes into locker. you know, I only can wear "the new cloth of the king". Looking me at the mirror, comb my hair a bit, keep my stomach smaller and just want to step out... shit!! that white fellow BIG BIRD swing here and there and show off. No wonder those year Genghis Khan so piss to fight European drop pant. A chinese poem said, "A legend Genghis Khan,only know to use bow to shoot the big bird." (my poor english translation, sorry)

Actually after the glass door, there is a place to shower (I forget to bring my shampoo), and just simply use the soap there. There is a cold pool imitate winter bower and 4 hot pool beside (The mineral water from underground 300M). The white color bower imitate winter (I thought it is mold) and 4 frogs on the hot pool (girl's room has 4 big birds). Another side is sauna and steam room and a swimming pool.

Actually there is no uncle to help you massage la, haha. It is quite scary if there is any. Need to wear underwear? basically, If you think that you forget to bring something or you want to put back something, you can come down 2nd floor anytime, no worry. ok?

下一篇想浅谈首尔的地铁。奇怪,这么没有Malaysia Boleh的声音?
The next one is "brief seoul's metro train system". Weird, how come no sound of "malaysia boleh"?


由子 said...

哇,精彩! 还是背包旅行最棒! 那种身历其境的感觉,是旅行团不能体会的。 哦。。。我脚痒了好久了。。。

FaiTh said...

aiks... why no naked men wan?? wahahahha... kidding kidding.

Jeff Tan said...

Faith, hahaha... a lot a lot, just i cannot take photo... lol

Lonewolf said...

没想到Korea的sauna是skinny style的。。。与大雕共浴感觉如何?

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