Email archiving - how to deploy Symantec Enterprise Vault? Part 2

What's next after setup the SQL database and Vault service account?
Then you should start to check whether the Enterprise Vault is ready to be installed on the server. The easiest and faster way to check is to use the Enterprise Vault Deployment scanner.

Login the server using Vault service account. Browse into your EV software CD and access the folder called deployment scanner. Then just run the msi file inside to install. (Normally I install into D: drive) Once installed completed, Launch the deployment scanner and fill in the SQL server full name and the EV server name.
Rest assured, the deployment scanner will tell you what is lacking and you just try to fix them up until all necessary items are passed.

Common items that you need to fix
1) MSMQ location - use add or remove program to add this windows components (you will need i386 to install it). Check "application server" and then the IIS,, and message queuing inside. (refer installation guide for detail how to do it). Once you install MSMQ, then right-click "My Computer" and select "Manage". Expand the tree and you see the icon called message queuing, right-click it and select properties. So you may change the location now to SAN disk and it will ask to reboot.
2) .NET - you require .NET 1.1 SP1 & .NET 2.0 SP1. Both are needed, Enable IIS first then install .NET. For E-Discovery deployment, you also need to install .NET 3.0.
3) Registry entries - you no need to fix it right now. you will able to fix it easily during installation.
4) IIS - Access the IIS manager and see the web extensions, you must see both .net 1.1 & .net 2.0 are allowed.
5) Exchange full admin rights - if you are doing Exchange archiving, most of time customer will forget to give you "receive as" & "send as" permissions. Grant the permissions in exchange server using system manager.

OK. to be continued...

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