Veritas NetBackup - SAN switch migration activity

This post is to summarize the SAN switch migration activity I performed for Telekom Malaysia.

Some background information : TM has more than 150 media servers and running their master server in AIX environment. I involved in the netbackup portion when customr is actuallly perform the SAN switch migration for their ACS tape library which has 44 FC tape drives.

Tasks performed and the useful commands:
1) Gather the existing nbu information. De-activate policies and make sure no jobs are running.
2) freeze the Netbackup cluster group persistent.
    - haconf -makerw
    - hagrp -freeze -persistent
    - haconf -dump -makero
    - hastatus -sum
3) remove tape devices from master server.
    - nbemmcmd -deletealldevices -machinename -machinetype master
4) bring down netbackup services.
    - bp.kill_all
    - kill remaining nbu processes.
5) customer perform SAN switch migration
6) Perform AIX scan after SAN switch migration.
    - /usr/openv/volmgr/bin/scan (to check whether all drives serial number are detected)
    - found some drives are missing, after confirm the SAN zoning is done correctly. reboot the AIX server and re-run the cfgmgr again.
    - lsdev -Cc tape, /usr/openv/volmgr/bin/scan
    - other commands like: lscfg -vl , /usr/openv/volmgr/bin/scsi_command -d /dev/rmtxx -inquiry, odmget -q "/dev/rmtxx" CuAt, etc are also helpful to verify the drives.
7) verified the cluster is in partial status now. Unfreeze the cluster and bring up the netbackup service group.
   - you may hit "unable to initialize device mapping, status=1" error if running scan command. This is due to the virtual IP and netbackup services are not up.
8) Launch the NBU console and use the device configuration wizard to scan the robotic/drives for master server only.
9) Once master server have all drives configured in NBU. Then you proceed to use device configuration wizard to scan for other media servers too. But please run the nbemmcmd -deletealldevices in advanced.

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