Deal with the heart of NetBackup (get into the castle)

I hope that is not too long to continue my NetBackup journey. Before I tell you about how I get into the castle, I need to SPECIAL THANKS to my brother, wolf. (because he is the first warrior to get into this virgin place, lol)

After the journey begun, I was not too long to say bye to my different mother's brother. Ha, so inside the "SQL anywhere" box, we need to take out the "Sybase Central". Look at these figures, aware of the redbox and advise. Don't blame me if you going too fast and bang the wall without reading them.

Lastly, Click the "Tools" button and test the connection. Once you success to communicate with the castle door. Once ready, Press "OK" please. (no need to take a spoon to feed you, rite?) lol

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Lonewolf said...

Good guide. Thanks for creating it. Keep it up!

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