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I finally found that google has really done a lot of great work until i am trying to blog.
See this Amp at

I need to modify this post to say more on why I found google done a lot.
When the time I start to blog, I ask my friend how should I get start. Then he said "go check the la! dude!" and I found that blogger is actually belong to google.
Then I heard about "feed" but what the heck is that. Then someone ask me to try feedburner, again it belong to google. So you need a reader to subscribe to RSS feed, some people use MS outlook. But then I found again google reader (I believe this reader is on the cloud)!
Then my friend told me you should know your blog traffic statistic. Therefore I register to the Google analytics.
Even I used Google chrome as my Internet browser to write my blog which I found tons of useful extensions to play with. One of it is the "Amplify".
So that I start to enable autopost in "Amplify" which allows me to write blogger, google buzz, twitter, facebook, plurk simultaneously. (This is another endless action to enable all the inter-link among all these social utility)

But you know what?! The only thing I fail to use google is "Adsense" and I being told that my content is unacceptable! What a funny! =.=~~

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Jeff Tan said...

ok.. i make this as a testing to use the amplify in the google chrome

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